3:51 pm

Integrate all your online tools!

Tiqbiz will integrate all your online tools into the one, easy to access space.

You can include buttons on your app home screen to your Facebook, Twieeter, transaction/payment services, parent-teacher interviews booking site, canteen menu, uniform list, school radio station and anything else you can throw at us!

We also offer further integration, which includes the ability to push your tiqbiz posts directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts in one action.

We’ll personally assist you to achieve the best integration mix for your needs, so contact us anytime you like for a chat!


1:08 pm

Request a “QuickLink” for regularly used info

If you have a school canteen list, or a uniform list, or anything you feel people might want to refer to on a regular basis throughout the year, then send us the file and ask for a QuickLink on your home screen.

It’ll make things much easier for people to access the file each time, rather than it being buried way down the newsfeed as more posts are added above it.


5:10 pm

Scheduled Alerts

If there’s a notifcation that needs to be sent at a later date, maybe a reminder on Sunday night to remember your swimming gear on Monday – you can set a future publish time/date when you create your post.

How? Schedule the alert for a future time/date by using the Edit button next to the words Publish Immediately, found to the left of the blue Publish button at the end of the page.

Once you have set your Publish time/date, make sure you still click the Publish button. This will schedule your push alert into the system.

We hope you find this new feature handy!


4:58 pm

Event Reminders

People will never miss an event again! The tiqbiz calendar now automatically sends a reminder alert 24 hours before every event.

4:00 pm

HANDY HINT: tiqbiz 2way

Here’s a great use for tiqbiz 2way.

The students are lined up ready to jump on the excursion bus and one of their permission forms has not be signed and returned.

You could send a copy to the parent, and have them print it, sign it, scan it and email it back (if you’re lucky to catch them near a printer and a scanner at that particular time!).

Or  you could post a tiqbiz 2way digital signature form and ask the parent to visit the app and sign the form directly on their device screen.

They sign with their finger, hit submit and you have a copy in your email inbox immediately.

Phew – easy!